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Proper use of ControlFocus and ControlSend

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I must not be using these functions right for my GUI

the targeted name of the window is "[HC]" (without quotations)

and all I want my

func to do is get controlfocus of window (because I got a checkbox, when ticked function will kick in) and then ControlSend,

But I know im not doing it right and I've tried numerous ways of going about this.

Can someone please maybe post a valid example?

I tried retracting some info from the help guide on this and I got no where from there Notepad example.

Id appreciate the help a lot guys.


~Acid Alchamy~

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because is controlsend the function I want to use when I only want something sent once?

Send(.....) in a func when func is activated spamms the function and I dont want that. I want to focus a client and send it one command, once and thats it.

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It is difficult to provide you with assistance without a little more detail. Can you post the code you've tried thus far? How about a screen shot of the window you're trying to manipulate?

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Don't bump your thread every hour!

Wait atleast 24 hours between bumps!

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