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Hi all,

what's the default priority on autoit script not defining "ProcessSetPriority" ? Normal (2)?

Also: i want to change the priority of the script itslef: how can i detect the "self ID" of my script?

Thanks :)

PS: notice that in the online manual there's a broken link to "_ProcessGetPriority"

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Thanks, I hadn't tought about looking at macros :)

I am trying to change the priority loading a value from a ".ini" with a script like:

#include <Process.au3>

Local $priority= IniRead(".celler.ini", "misc", "priority", "0")

ProcessSetPriority("celler.au3", $priority)

$i_Priority_Level = _ProcessGetPriority(@AutoItPID)
MsgBox(0, "AutoIt Script", "Should be 0: " & $i_Priority_Level)

... but it always returns the default value (2), whatever i define in the "iniRead" string or ".ini" file ... what could be wrong with it?


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By default all programs run as normal priority.

You can programatically change that, but it is not recommended to go higher than "high" (that means real-time), because you're going to get your PC unresponsive.

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