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How to include Autoit .au3 libraries in AutoitX?

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Hello everyone!

I started to use AutoitX, and I think it is very interesting, since I feel more confortable using C++, but I also needed Autoit functionality in my program.

Here is my problem:

Before I started to use AutoitX I was using Autoit3, with a particular library called FF.au3 (the firefox automation library) and some others. Now that I'm coding in C++ with the project configuration that can be found in this forum, I'm not very sure about how could I "include" that FF.au3 (and actually, any .au3 library) in my C++ project.

Does anyone know how to include them?

Thanks for your answers! :idiot:

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Well, I've been thinking and I found a "solution" taking another way.

Since I want to have FF.au3 functionalities in C++, I think that the best solution is migrate to Visual C++ and use WebBrowser control (in substitution of FF.au3)

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