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GUI interaction with automation script

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Hi guys, thanks in large part to your help I have successfully finished completing the automation I was working on using autoit. I'm now at the stage where I have to make some big design decisions regarding building a gui to interact with my script.

My script right now is about 1000 lines of code, although I think I can cut it down to about 600 once I completely rework the code. But my point is thats a lot of code in one single script right now. My next step is to write a gui so that I can specify the number of times to run the test, and to assign certain variables I need to in the script (like how long to set sleeps and stuff).

So I know that autoit can be used to build automation scripts, and build guis, but is it wise to combine these two things into a single script, or it a better design practice to have the gui script wrap around the automation?

Thanks guys,

PS: I wasn't sure if I should post this in the GUI forum or the general forum. I went with general because I feel this a question about design and not about technical issues.

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