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Find the location of the Windows Taskbar Task buttons (Windows 7)

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Hello everyone! This is my first post in this forum, and that's why i hope that there is no another topic, like this, because i don't want to seem like "oh, here is the new guy...".

Sooo... I use AutoIt for... a year or one and a half year, and I've created a lot of useful macros, for instance, I don't have media keys on my keyboard, so i've created an autoit macro which turns some keycombinations into media keys (ctrl + F1 - F7)

My new project is a bit same.

You know, in Windows 7, there are keyboard shortcuts to launch the pinned applications from the taskbar (WinKey 0 - 9).

I'd like to create a simple macro, which shows a small tooltip on my taskbar, at the pinned items, and the text of the tooltips would be the shortcut of that item.

Something like this:


My first idea was, use fixed locations, but as you can see, if a task is active, it's much wider than the non-active task button.

My question is that is there any way, to get the location of the task buttons from the taskbar, OR list the active taskbar buttons?

PS.: sorry for my bad english >.<

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