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How to use voip protocol by autoit

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Hello, I've been looking for a way to connect VOIP SIP server by using autoitscript. So far theres nothing allows to connect to a sip server and make call, end call so on. I just found skype com object but it doesnt seem to work with any other sip server except skype... Any ideas?


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Hello, actually I already made something by autoit which controls one of these sip clients. It works really fine but when it comes to leave mass voice message to company customers, this causes to lose some data. Then I tried to rent a VDS server which has high connection and split mass operations by increasing user accounts on the server. And these windows based servers allows to use max two or three accounts. If I decide to rent more, bills increases at the same time. Finally I decided to made my own simple SIP client to use multiple sip server to split operations and looking for an API support or something like that. I found some VOIP SDK packages and they are all C# or Java based. From the other side, I found a great solution which has an expensive license unfortunately... At least for now, I have to keep looking for what I can by myself... Thanks for your reply...

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