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Faster methods of catalogging files?

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I've written a script to catalog DVDs to text file, though it will do any file tree. It list folders, files and the file sizes. It is based on using the _FileListToArray and FileGetSize functions, working through the selected tree. With disks it is slow going when you have 40-50,000 files in the tree. It is however comparable in speed with the commercial software I have been using (emulating their format) and more accurate.

When you browse any file tree using Windows Explorer or in my case Directory Opus, all the information is visually available in a fraction of the time, including a complete *.* file listing. Isn't there some means of tapping into that almost instant information? Is the bottleneck simply the time taken to move the information to where you want it?

The file listing is fairly quick. Getting the file sizes seems to take the most time. The _FileListToArray function in the File.au3 is purely related to path. I suppose one could add the FileGetSize at that stage rather than later?

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