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Run not functioning in the Au3recorder

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Hi, DislocatedTime. You are not going to get much of a response with so little information. Help the community help you :) How about the application you're trying to install, or the error you're getting (even if you aren't getting an error, knowing that helps us), or a snippet of the code you're using?

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Thanks for the reply.

I tried executing many different programs and they all do not execute via Au3recorder.

To create my installation routine, I've used RT7Lite and Windows Post Installation Wizard for more than half of my programs, but some of them don't have switches and that's what I use AutoIt for.

I have Windows 7 installed, with all the latest service packs including DosNetFx4 and IE9(which I rarely use) and just now re-installed AVG because of this incident. I installed the newest version of Scite and Autoit before attempting to create any unattended installs. I didn't have any 2nd party firewall installed, but just re-installed Fort Knox because of this incident. The only programs I had running in the background were the iron browser, windows explorer, synaptics touchpad driver, and googletalk plugin.

I'm not getting any error message and using the windows task manager shows me that the programs never execute to begin with.

When I execute Au3recorder the button of the recorder is flashing red, when I stop it, it has recorded the other keystrokes and mouse clicks, but hasn't executed the program that I selected in the "Run('" menu bar.

I'm not using any particular code snippet, just trying to record the installation routine.

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