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Suggestions about auto-arranging 2 windows

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I have to design a script that takes 2 selected applications, and auto-arranges them, in the same fashion as 2 equal Explorer Windows.

I'm focusing on using 2 halves of a single monitor, but might also try an option for distributing them across 2 monitors, if available.

If anyone has any suggestions or know of any snippets that might be relevant, can you post them, when you have a chance? I'm expecting to code most of this from scratch, but any suggestions would help. Thanks.

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Cool, I didn't know about the @desktopwidth variable.

Yep, the handles and text will be available, so I should only need to check for existence and activate, like you said.

Ok, thanks DUSA.

Something like the following should work, you will need to test for and or run for the windows existence/focus and stuff as well.

WinMove ( "title", "text",0,0,@desktopwidth/2,@desktopheight)

WinMove ( "title2", "text",@desktopwidth/2,0,@desktopwidth/2,@desktopheight)

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