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How do i run a precreated txt document


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Okay, I already know that this is possible with

Run("Notepad.exe" "Test.txt")

However, this seems to only work if the .txt document is located directly within the main autoit folder

I would like to know how i can make it know exactly where the .txt document is and locate it and run it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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You could send Notepad a full path like so:

Run('Notepad.exe "C:\My Documents\Test.txt"')

Or alternatively if you have the filename in a variable:

$File = "C:\My Documents\Test.txt"
Run('Notepad.exe "' & $File & '"')
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Okay thats helpful in the short term but this program is going to be carted around and moved from computer to computer each time probably being placed in a different directory, the .txt file and .exe file will both be bundled in the same folder, how can i make autoit understand that the .txt file is in the same folder as the .exe that is being run and go from there?

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$File = @ScriptDir & "\SomeFile.txt"
Run('Notepad.exe "' & $File & '"')

otherwise in the exe u could place this

$file = @WorkingDir & "\SomeFile.txt"
Run('Notepad.exe "' & $File & '"')

coded with beta .65

@WorkingDir = Current/active working directory. (Result does not contain a trailing backslash)

@ScriptDir = Directory containing the running script. (Result does not contain a trailing backslash)

have to use a trainling backslash as there isnt one included...


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