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Dealing with the Firefox Print Dialogue Box?

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Hi! I am new to AutoIt, but I have resolved most of the issues by reading the docs and forums. The one thing I can't get past so far is dealing with the print dialogue box in Firefox.

I am trying to cycle through some pages in a website and print out each page as a pdf using Adobe Pdf printer. I set the printer to default and removed the request for naming and print location as well a the post-print results. So, my script clicks on next page, executes _FFAction("Print"), and the dialogue box comes up where I have to click "ok".

I was hoping you guys could either show me how to click that "ok" button or bypass the box entirely.

Also, so far I have been able to keep the entire process in the background (so I can work on other things in a different browser while my script is running). It would be great if a solution to this will keep the process in the background without interruptions still.

Here is my code so far!

#Include <FF.au3>
; trying to connect to a running FireFox with MozRepl on
If _FFConnect(Default, Default, 30000) Then
For $i=2 TO $pageNumber Step +1
  _FFClick("ext-comp-1029", "id", 5)

If _FFDisConnect() Then MsgBox(64, "", "Disconnected from FireFox!")
MsgBox(64, "", "Can't connect to FireFox!")


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