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Using @DesktopDir to create file on desktop...

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I want to create a script that will create a file on the users desktop, regardless of the username/path to the desktop, so that it will work on any windows machine.

I found @DesktopDir in the documentation and it does return the path to the desktop.

However I am having some problems with figuring out how to use @DesktopDir to write a file to the desktop.

I tried a few things, such as:

FileOpen (@DesktopDir"NEW_FILE.txt", 2)
$desktop = @DesktopDir
FileOpen(""$desktop"/NEW_FILE.txt", 2)

These did not work for me. Any advice as to how I can have my script create a file on the desktop of any windows machine would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


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It should be @DesktopDir & "filename.txt"

Edit: And doing it this way, you don't need the $desktop variable.

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Get used to using consolewrite or msgbox for troubleshooting your scripts.

And read the help files such as: contents > language reference > operators.

This, I use it often when dealing with weird returns or returns I'm new to.

in this instance a good way to find out the actual problem test the return value of @desktopdir so something like

Consolewrite(@desktopDir &@crlf)

also make sure you run it from inside SciTe

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