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AutoIt Help + SciTE integration


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I wanted to make AutoIt's help file integrate more seamlessly with editing scripts in SciTE. I figured out that the program KeyHH.exe is called with some arguments telling it which link to jump to in the help file.

So I made a script named KeyHH.au3, compiled it, renamed the original KeyHH.exe to _KeyHH.exe and placed my version of KeyHH.exe in the AutoIt directory. Here's the contents of KeyHH.au3:

Func escpressed()
    WinClose("AutoIt Help")

Run("_KeyHH.exe "&$CmdLineRaw)
WinWaitActive("AutoIt Help")
WinSetState("AutoIt Help","",@SW_RESTORE)
WinMove("AutoIt Help","",0,0,1280,333)
If $p[1]>332 Then
    WinActivate("AutoIt Help")
    If $p[0]>261 And $p[1]>66 And $p[0]<1255 And $p[1]<325 Then MouseClick("left")
WinWaitClose("AutoIt Help")
I used "F:\auto\" as the window title for SciTE because all my script files are in that directory. You may want to set the WindowTitleMatchMode option to 2 and use something like " - SciTE" to match your SciTE window title.

I wrote this script for 1280x1024 resolution and a taskbar with 2 rows. You can easily change the coordinates yourself - I used the AutoIt Window Info tool to get them.

This script does a number of things:

-Once the help file is open, it resizes the help file to take up approximately the top third of the screen and puts SciTE in the rest.

-Then it activates whichever of the two windows your mouse cursor is over, and if your mouse cursor is in the viewing area of the help window, it clicks the mouse so that the wheel will make the viewing area scroll.

-It also makes Esc close the help window - it doesn't matter which window is active, it still works.

-It waits for the help window to close, and maximizes SciTE when it is gone.

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