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How to select Outlook profile from a list of profiles?

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I have 25 profiles that I need to untick auto accept meetings for before I can convert those exchange 2003 meeting room direct booking mailboxes to exchange 2010 in Outlook 2010 client

I've already created .prf files but I'm having problems getting the dropdown list for the profiles to work.

How do I get the script to select the profile from the drop down list

Lets say I have meeting room 1 i need to untick the option for resource scheduling

Right now my script is stuck at selecting the 1st default profile

But I've set the Mail Accounts Settings to Prompt for Profile.

Run ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\outlook.exe /profile meetingroom1")

WinActivate("Choose Profile")

ControlClick("Choose Profile", "OK", "Button2")

#Call out File Tab



#Call Out Outlook Options Window



#Go to Calendar Options within Outlook Options Window

Send("{DOWN 3}")

#Tab 36 times to go to the Resource Scheduling Window

Send("{TAB 3}")


WinActivate("Resource Scheduling")

#Hit Space to Untick Automatic Requests and Remove Canceled Meetings


#Tab 6 times to get to OK button to close Resource Scheduling Window

Send("TAB 6}")

WinActivate("Outlook Options")

#Close Outlook Option Window


#Close Outlook



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