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Delete files and folders from a drive.

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This script is especially useful to delete those annoying files that comes in USB stick, use with care not to accidentally delete important files of some important unit

#include <File.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include <String.au3>

; ======================================================
; AutoIt3 V
; Author: Belini
; Date: 07.26.2012
; Goal: Delete all the folders and files from one drive.
; Note: Use carefully at your own risk.
; ======================================================

Func delete_all()
Local $list, $counter = 0

$path = FileSelectFolder("Enter the path of unity", "")
If StringLen($path) > 3 Then $path = StringMid($path, 1, 3)
$list = _FileListToArray($path)
$contar = UBound($list)
$contar = $contar - 1

If $contar > 0 Then
_ArrayDisplay($list, "Please note these items will be deleted!")
$option = MsgBox(1, "delete files", "All files are deleted, or even delete?")

If $option = 2 Then
MsgBox(4096, "Canceled", "The operation was canceled", 3)

If $option = 1 Then
While 1
$counter += 1
If FileExists($path & $list[$counter]) And FileGetAttrib($path & $list[$counter]) = "D" Then DirRemove($path & $list[$counter], 1)
If FileExists($path & $list[$counter]) And FileGetAttrib($path & $list[$counter]) = "A" Then FileDelete($path & $list[$counter])
If $counter >= $contar Then ExitLoop
MsgBox(4096, "Files deleted successfully!", "All files on drive " & $path & " was deleted.")
MsgBox(4096, "No files to delete", "There is no file to be deleted in this unit!")

EndFunc ;==>delete_all
Edited by Belini

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Out of curiosity, why this line?

if StringLen($caminho) > 3 then $caminho = StringMid($caminho, 1, 3)

If, for example, I am trying to delete files in C:Temp, the line above moves the directory up to C:. That could make it a bad day :)

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If you choose a folder on drive eg E: test, using stringmid + stringlen the result is the same E: why the purpose of this script is to clean the entire unit.

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This is the MS-DOS commands, be aware that this code snippet: Runwait (@ ComSpec & "/ c" & ... - serves so you can run programs including MS-DOS commands!

Type in a DOS window: Format /?

You will see an explanation of the command!


João Carlos.

Edited by JScript

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