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run commands with different credentials (runas gui)

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Hi there,

it's been ages since I posted something here (I think even a few years) but I have always seen AutoIt as powertool in any sysadmin 's toolbox.

so here's a new topic that I hope you enjoy and find useful:

I am now working as senior software packager for the Belgian Government and after a short while I got bored with manually entering commands and every time the same commands with different hostname/user/pass, whatever. the troubleshooting of software deployments.

so I decided to put them into a gui and be able to click my way through the tasks..

there's a few requirements to fully benefit from the tool like

* have the sysinternals suite (just makes things easier)

* Active Directory domain credentials with sufficient rights

it's still under development and thus is buggy as hell but (at times) it does what I want and when it crashes I close & reopen it to continue.. it simplifies my support life. feel free to adjust to your likings and if you do just let me know what you changed / made things easier for you as I'm sure it should be usefull for some amongst you.


- the entered commands are saved in a textfile for later use.

- 3 different usernames are predefined the ones I use mostly (it prompts only once for the passwords and encrypts them)

- help function splashtext (-h/ help/? in command input box)

- if you want to use different username (just start typing in the username inputbox) the password box appears

- Auto fix issues with Altiris agent / Altiris software management solution: it can remove it/ recover it/reinstall it

- psexec dosbox to remote host (if you fill in hostname ofcourse)

- map network drive and display it in explorer (logfile reading and stuff, follow installations, ...)

- launch Altiris RAAD immediately connecting to remote host.

- reg query remote hkml\software\m$\windows\currentversion\uninstall key (installed apps) for a searchstring (like office 2010 or MSI Product code,...)

- list apps of remote host using wmic

- write manually entered commands into "cmd file"

- hotkey (up/down) to scroll through commands

- clicking the Logo will flush the command file and recreate it with the standard cmds.

comments /bug reports are appreciated. The zip file has the code/logo/KFX (coda form) and the compiled exe in case you just want to test or mess arround with it.. if you hate/love it let me know :D


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