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[Resolved] accelerator keys and function call problem

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I'm probably missing something stupid easy, but not sure what.

Below is just 1 piece of my accelerator array:

"{NUMPAD1}", "_activate_tab_1"

...they press numpad 1 and it should call _activate_tab_1() function...correct?

so here is _activate_tab_1 function:

Func _activate_tab_1()
_GUICtrlTab_SetCurFocus($tabHotkeys, 1)

Which I know this code works well as I call 1 for tab 0 to make sure it's selected correctly when the program launchs.

But when I run the program, I hit numpad key 1, nothing.


I checked the windows reserved keys and didn't see anything noting numpad1 being reserved.

Not sure why the function won't launch.

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Yup, stupid simple:

HotKeySet("{NUMPAD0}", "_activate_tab_0")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD1}", "_activate_tab_1")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD2}", "_activate_tab_2")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD3}", "_activate_tab_3")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD4}", "_activate_tab_4")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD5}", "_activate_tab_5")



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