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Count of the number of rows in a merged cell in MSexcel

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I have to automate a few tasks to be carried out on an excel sheel (MS office 2010).

There are quite a few merged cells in the excel file I have to use. For one of the tasks, I need to know the number of rows which are merged to a single cell.

Can someone kindly help me out here :)



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Hello and welcome,

If you haven't already please make sure to check the help files for Excel automation. There are also User Defined Functions or UDF's for short out there for this very thing. Make sure to do a good search of the forum or use the google site search. I find that the later is sometimes better.


Here's a link to one such UDF

Here's the function from that link that pertains to merging / unmerging cells

_ExcelCellMerge(), for merging (or unmerging) together all cells of a given range

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