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well im trying to make a bot for a game and a guy suggested using pixel search with autoit so i searched for pixel search and like i found this place http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/f...ItSetOption.htm and so i copied the script at the bottom and put it in scite and saved it but since im on linux i have to wait to go to my neighbors house to try the script out since autoit doesnt work on Wine but so once i open the the script with autoit what do i do. What i want it to do is like identify a monster and move the mouse to it and double click the monster. So if anyone can explain a lil sumtin on how to do that that would be cool. Also i was wondering if anyone knows anyways on how to have the bot auto heal like if the health gets to liek 600 or below like it will heal by either pressing like f8 or like it will move the mouse to the food and click it or something so if anyone can help that would be great

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