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How to do _IEAttach to a IE window having PDF rendered

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for one of our requirement, we need to navigate a site and after certain pages, it opens the pdf document in new IE window rendered inside it.

I wanted to do something like

$IEObj = _IEAttach ("This is the Title on IE window having PDf rendered")

_IELoadWait ($IEObj)

then i want to print the pdf rendered

_IEAction ($IEObj, "printdefault")

as per the docs in the helpfile for the various modes for _IEAttach... in particular:

Title = (Default) sub-string of main document title

WindowTitle = sub-string of full window title (instead of document title)

The document title is the string inside the HTML <TITLE> tag, it is not the full window title - use WindowTitle for that.

in our case, we can not see source of the IE window having PDF. any suggestion as to how to do _IEAttach would be appreciated.



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The problem with what you're trying to do is that the PDF rendered in the IE object is its own object. The IE print command is not connected to the PDF renderer. So attempting to send the IE object the print command doesn't work to activate the print function of the PDF renderer.


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