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combobox that will fill as you type?

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I'm not even sure what I'm looking for or what the process is called.

Currently I have a combobox with about 30 items.

A lot of them start with the same first character.

For instance,

"Speech Pathologist"

"Special Teacher"

"Special Teachers Aide"

Currently I've noticed the behavior of a combo to only goto an item by typing the first character. In this case "S" will go to speech pathologist since it's the first item that starts with an S. Typing S again will take me to special teacher and so on.

Is there any way to start typing inside a combo box and have it begin to auto file based on the items?

So if I go to the combo box and start typing "spec" it will auto fill "special teacher", but if I were to keep typing "special teachers a" then it would fill in the special teachers aide item.

What is this kind of functionality called?

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autocomplete -> example with combobox

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