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Forgot How To Delete An Array Element

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Or to delete one element, just over write it.

Dim $x[3]




How to delete $x[2] ?


I think he means make it go away totally.

$x[0] = 3

$x[1] = 2

$x[2] = 1

Now delete $x[1] and you have this:

$x[0] = 3

$x[1] = 1

$x[2] = No longer exists, so it would be out of bounds.

BlueScreen, you have 2 options. One is to either check to make sure the element isn't empty before you act on it, this will allow you to use scriptkitty's solution of just assigning "" to the element. The other is to design some functions and stuff to implement your own container or something.

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Does that actually free the memory for the array, though?  The helpfile says $array = 0 will free it...

Assigning anything to the whole array will free it and turn in back into a single value.
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