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Progress Bar: Completion Percentage

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Hi Folks,

I am attempting to automate the installation of Vipre Anti-virus 5.0. Here is my problem: I need to be able to determine when the installation has completed. Once it has, other steps need to be executed. In an effort to ascertain whether the installation is complete, I am trying to read the percentage complete from the integrated progress bar. It seems that my variable $InstallProgress always returns 0 as the value

Using the window tool, I was able to verify the following:

Control ID of progress bar: 1053

Class: msctls_Progress32

; Now we need to determine the value of the progress bar:
$InstallProgress = GUICtrlRead(1053)
MsgBox(0, "Install Progress...", "Install % is: " & $InstallProgress)
Until $InstallProgress = 100;

; Once Vipre is open -- Go to help --> Register and enter the key.
WinWait("VIPRE Antivirus","CNavFrameMainDlg")
WinMenuSelectItem("VIPRE Antivirus","CNavFrameMainDlg","&Help","&Register...")
WinWait("VIPRE Registration","&Buy Now...")

Any assistance you could provide with regard to determing the value of the progress bar OR whether the installation is complete would be greatly appreciated!



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I am using the RunWait and then verifying install with registry keys or files that didn't exist before the install.


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