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poker script

Guest sezly123

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can somebody please tell me how i start to even enter a script. i am trying to set the program to play party poker. please help


Use a keyboard

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First of all you should post it in V3 support and not here....

Second.Download SciTE so as you can use it to write code properly (using your keyboard as HardCopy mentioned)

Third.Read the wonderful and self-explained Help File as many times required to fully understand the capabilities of autoit and then start making the plan of what you want.

Fourth.Should any questions arise use the magical button called search before posting any questions...

Fifth.Try to make something simpler for a start cos what you are trying to do is hard....

That's all....

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ok autoit3.com downloads download autoit3, then go back to auto it site again click downloads scroll all the way down untill u see scite!!!

double click on scite and then download scite4!!!!!! then read the tutorial

but i still personally like the keyboard idea :whistle:

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Once you figure out all of the little things like "how do i program". The general theory behind a script that plays poker is that you read a brain (a trainer program of some sort; holdem inspector, etc) and use its logic command the poker screen.

a general script would be:

when its my turn call function ACTION()

do what action tells me (press one of the 3 buttons)


find out what brain says now

on my script i became more creative with things like switching tables after so long or if participation dropped below a certain point

i refuse to be too specific because i long since have given it up since it cheapens the game tremendously, and if you need it to win, you shouldnt play anymore

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