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AutoEvent Application

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AutoEvent application, to do your tasks so you don't have to!

I decided to take an autoclicker / typer one step further. Really, this is just me putting the Windows automation tools (as provided by autoit) into a nice GUI and then giving a way to automatically run them.

Posted Image

This requires the includes:

  • Melba23's scrollbar UDF
  • A GUIOnEvent UDF that I made (below) which allows me to set events for controls while still being able to use GUIGetMsg()

The human-like mouse movement functionality comes from the UDF which I edited slightly.

Any comments, suggestions, etc are appreciated.

Lark AutoEvent.au3


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I like the idea to put some event/tasks in a gui. Some suggestions.

1) Separate the script into two .au3 files. One that handles the gui and guitasks and one to handle the events itself.

2) I would seperate the gui into three area's. One for the tasks, one for the parameters and one for help/documentation. You could for example put the events in a list on the left (such as _GUICtrlListView or _GUICtrlListBox). This way you would have more room for events on the gui. Collumns in the listview could be event number, task name, etc. On the right there could be a frame with the parameters which is shown when an user clicks on a event. The parameters are shown and maybe some explanation (help/tips thereunder)

3) I would change the words run and loop. As it runs the script n times and it loops a function. By default it would be better and more secure to run the script one time.

4) When the user exits the program and haven't saved his/her script, then you could use a msgbox to ask if he/she wants to save the script.

5) Think about debug and timeout of an event when it takes too long too complete (WinWaitActive can take a while) :)

6) Some functions that could be added are Send keys, MsgBox,Inputbox, Runwait, Clipget, Clipput, RunCMD (Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'commandName', "", @SW_HIDE)),File and DirMove/Copy/Create)

You may also take a look at the Mayhem project on codeplex: http://mayhem.codeplex.com/

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