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Adding Backup Files to the Temporary Burn Folder - Possible?

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Just wondering on a backup program im doing it would be nice for the Win7 people to add the files if not too large to the Temporary Burn Folder so that it prompts them to burn them to disk

Is it possible to use it in this way or are there more steps than just copying fles?

A little info here, more about stopping the message but im looking at it the other way round.

Just wondered if anyone had experience with this and could advise?

Many thanks


It appears to have more than one folder depending on how many drives you have and how many usb pendrives are plugged in

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I would make an array to contain the path of the directories

then step through the array with:

$xxx[1]='c:backup*.bak' ;example input for FileCopy()
$destFolder = 'whatever the burn folder is'
For $i = 1 to ubound($xxx)-1 (use -1 if the first element in the array is the element count)
FileCopy ( $xxx[$i],$destFolder )
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Thanks for that

I was more meaning had any one experience on doing this and was it a viable way for small backups anyway.

The folders are all called exactly the same so how you separate them god knows im assuming the registry

In the registry ive found a key thats named Shell.CDBurn

and another called CD Burning, which i may have to use Imapidata supported to tell the real from the virtual drives

I also ran across this a couple of times in the keys

%SystemRoot%system32rundll32.exe %SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll,PrepareDiscForBurnRunDll %L



But anyway it was just a thought to see what was known

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