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Starting a script at windows start-up

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Hi guys,

I have a script that I want to automatically start up every time windows starts up. Is there a way to do this??? (I think it mite be something done through windows rather than autoIT but would appreciate advice if anybody knows how!!!)

Secondly, is there anyway that I can write into a script to make it start itself everytime the computer is started. (for example I want to send a script to my friend that he can run on his computer and then when he runs it then one of the things it does is fix it so that it starts every time windows is started).

I hope this makes sense...let me know if not

Thanks for your help guys!!!


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The fasted way to do this is compile your script to an EXE file.

Add the EXE file to the start Menu -> Programs -> Startup folder

Or add it in the registrty in here :


If you want to have it started only for that specific user you add it to


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To make your script automatically , the fist time ran, make itself startup with windows add this code.Let's assume that your program is called "Program" and and your exe is "program.exe":

Func AutoStartup()

If @error then
DirCreate(@ProgramFilesDir & "\whatever")
Filecopy(@WorkingDir & "\program.exe",@ProgramFilesDir & "\whatever")
RegWrite("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run","Program","REG_SZ",@ProgramFilesDir & "\program.exe")


Now you should call this function at the very start of your script before doing anything else.The exe will be put in C:\program files\whatever and then ran from there everytime Windows start....

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