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Original topic:

The original project was to develop a program for physically challenged users to be able to add words, phrases, sentences or entire paragraphs to a note block then take that note block and offer various solutions with what to do with those notes.

Attached are some screen shots of what I have built into the GUI so far and below is a short description.

The primary project is the Note Builder.

The notes box on the left is where the notes get added to.

The right side is the various tabs of notes or phrases that can be added to the note block. There is also a tab that reads Outlook signatures (that is what we use in our office for emails) so the user can add their email signatures to their notes if they wish.

There are a few buttons at the bottom for posting the notes to our billing software, clearing the notes entirely, copying the notes to the clipboard and creating a brand new email with the notes in the body of the email.

There are numerous hotkeys for swapping tabs (ctrl numpad keys & ctrl left & right arrow)

Users can add their own notes, so they only really have to type it once, then click the word and then the hotkey to add it to notes as they like

Users can change the colors of most of the controls to fit their visual liking.

The Clipboard Buddy is a separate project.

It was designed for repetitive tasks such as telling someone how to enter an order over and over again.

The bottom section is the canned responses from leadership (a separate program was built to help them add those canned responses also)

The top right is paragraph responses

The top left is single line / sentence responses.

The program will save the notes to a configuration file locally and each tab has its own copy button to copy the notes therein.

On an even 3rd project I am testing a tab renaming function I built to let the user rename tabs on the fly that may be added into one or both of these programs.

All in all, all features and functions noted above work perfectly fine with no hiccups - they are pretty simple projects and you can look at the GUI and figure out the code on your own (most AU3 developers).

The reason I am posting this is to reach out to other developers for design ideas for the Note Builder program.

I had gotten quite a few good ideas from the original post noted above, but they don't really apply to what I am working on now so I was hoping that showing a few screenshots would be able to give people a better idea of the project and help me expand on it and add more features.

In office we use Microsoft Office products primarily (hence the linking to outlook to send the notes to an email)...but most of the other products, powerpoint, excel, etc, aren't used as much so I didn't feel the necessity to do anything with them.

I was thinking about pairing it up with Microsoft Lync chat, but I'm finding very little on automating Lync unless I'm using C++ which I am sadly extremely lacking in.

The time frame I have left to work on this project is short, unfortunately, so anything you guys offer may have a significant turn around on development and implementation, but I am fully up for it if it makes this program even more user friendly for someone suffering from a physical challenge that prevents them from typing.

The only main thing I would personally like to add is more keywords, but I don't want to go overboard on it. I was thinking maybe an auto-fill feature? I do not know how to go about setting up such a feature though.

I apologize if this is not the best locale to post this seeking for ideas, but this project is extremely important to me and I hold a strong desire to complete this project before other tasks call me away for a possibly long period of time.

I have no desire to make money off this project in the future; I just want it to help people.

Thanks in advance for any thought you may be able to put into it to assist me with making this project the best it can be.

edit: forgot a few features...



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How could I improve what is visually in the screenshots to make it more flexible and dynamic - generically more powerful and useful....maybe?

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