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TextCorrection (En, Ru)

The program is designed to automatically edit the text typed in the wrong keyboard layout. It is useful if you use multiple (2) languages in the OS.

TextCorrection.7z (300kb, exe+sources)


Hotkey1 - correcting words, everything in one language (ηελλο -> hello), (Geia -> Γεια), (руддщ -> hello), (ghbdtn -> привет)

Hotkey2 - correcting line, invert (ηελlo -> helλο)

Hotkey3 - correcting words before the first space (ηελλο -> hello)

Hotkey4 - correcting words, invert (ηελlo -> helλο)

Hotkey5 - the first letter uppercase, the rest lowercase (hELLO -> Hello)

Hotkey6 - to upper case (hello -> HELLO)

Hotkey7 - to lower case (HELLO -> hello)

Hotkey8 - switching to an alternative language (3)

Hotkey9 - Replaces text (USB -> Universal Serial Bus)

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