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Color Dialog Eyedropper & Magnifier

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This AutoIt script temporarily adds an Eyedropper control and a Magnifier to the standard Windows "Color" dialog (see screenshot below), allowing color selection from anywhere on the screen by simply dropping the Eyedropper on the desired color.

Posted Image

A small area, where dropped, is magnified 4 times and shown in the Magnifier where Left-Clicking on a color within the Magnifier will select that color.

The "Color" dialog updates to reflect the selected color, and otherwise functions as usual.

To use, either run independently or use ShellExec to run it from another script (it will only run one occurrence at a time). An eyedropper icon appears in the Windows System Tray.

Two Command Line Parameters are used:

Parameter 1: If "1", remain running after the Color window closes, waiting for another Color window (if ever).

Parameter 2: If "1", display tool tips for the eyedropper and magnifier.

If none, close when the Color window closes, and do NOT show tooltips.

Command Line Parameter Example:

In this example, the script will loop continuously, and show tooltips.

ShellExecute("ColorDialogEyedropper.exe", "1 1")

Tested only in Windows 7.

Known Issue:

Gets confused if multiple Color dialogs are opened at the same time.


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