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It dose not read the information from the ini

Dim $msg_1
Dim $win_nam
Dim $d_win="WinActive('$win_nam')"
Dim $var=IniReadSectionNames(@SCRIPTDIR & "\Config.ini")

Func run_diablo()
    WinActivate("Diablo", "")
    WinSetState("Diablo", "", @SW_HIDE)

If $d_win Then
            $pos = MouseGetPos()
    MsgBox(0, "Mouse x,y:", $pos[0] & "," & $pos[1])
ElseIf  $d_win Then
    Until Send("{esc}")
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It dose not read the information from the ini

well, that's not the problem with your code. Actually the only thing that works is reading the section names (at least syntactically).

ERROR#1 What is this supposed to do? : Dim $d_win="WinActive('$win_nam')"

ERROR#2 You check upon an empty variable, that will never change: If $d_win Then

ERROR#3 What is this supposed to do? $msg_1 is not initialized: Send($msg_1)

ERROR#4 You check the same value as in the if statement. Makes no sense: ElseIf $d_win Then

ERROR#5 What is this supposed to do? Until Send("{esc}"). Your loop will end after the first round.

Hm... I can only advise you to search the forum and try to read some code of others to get a better understanding.



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