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Color adjustment check compair()

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The code can be used for any changing pixels.

If something has a variable of a color, like flame then it will check around for similar.

Depending on the product searching it may need a increase or decrees in the step value.

When I beta tested this i was always getting a return and could not figure out why.

After i adjusted the step it worked perfect.

I increase the step it always returning. if never returning i decrees step.

still trying to perfect it.

Usage example.

While $t = 0
$coord = PixelSearch($gLeft,$gTop, $gRight, $gBottom, Hex(0x0000FF),10)
If Not @error Then
$colorck = colorzone($coord[0],$coord[1],10,0,2)
If $colorck Then
MsgBox(0, "Yes", "Seems to be the same.")


; 5x5 compair(500,500,5,5)
;xxxxx o is center and reading point.
;xxxxx compairing all colors in the radius
;xxoxx if color is in range of 5 offset for none int returns in the radius then return true
;xxxxx try and use even numbers for best result
;xxxxx It will round otherwise
Func colorzone($x1, $y1, $square, $offset, $step = 0)
$x2 = $x1 - Int($square / 2)
$y2 = $y1 - Int($square / 2)
$x3 = $x1 + Int($square / 2)
$y4 = $y1 + Int($square / 2)
$var = PixelGetColor($x1, $y1)
$coord = PixelSearch($x2, $y2, $x3, $y4, $var, $offset, $step)
If Not @error Then
Return True
Return False
EndFunc ;==>compair


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