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ControlCommand IsEnabled with this particular button not working / Searching for a workaround?

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Hello everybody,

I am having troubles with a button in a delphi coded application. I had an another TFrm where I could read out the enabled state very well... But in this TFrm where I now have to automate somehting it always gives me back 0 instead of 1. So I am am searching for a workaround?

I have two ideas. The first one is that I saw the Style of this particular button change from 0x5C01000B (disabled) to 0x5401000B (enabled). But I only get this info thru the AutoIt v3 Window Info tool... I dont know how I can get this info else where....

Second Idea was to PixelColor grab the color of the Caption of the button if it is greyed out it is disabled if it is black it is enabled... But I also would need help there because I never done that before. I know how to get one pixels color but then the window must open always at the same place which is not working on my machine...

Any other ideas or help with my two ideas are welcome

Thank you guys



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I understand that you're trying to avoid using the ControlCommand() to obtain what you need, however, would you mind posting the code you used that didn't work, as well as the control info from the autoit window info tool?

Let's see if maybe there was something missed in the code that's causing the issue as opposed to attempting to 'hack around' the problem.

If the code includes any Win...() commands, i.e. winactivate() winwait() etc, please include those. Sometimes it's a matter of window focus/visibility and the such.


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