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i need a step by step help for imagesearch please!

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ive been trying for a couple day to fix imagesearch.. cant get it work -_- ive put the imagesearch dll on c//windows i have a image, my script and the imagesearch.au3 file on my deskup when i start my script i get no error but nothing happen.. whats going on? my english isnt verry good doing best as i can ! help me :) let me know your trick

#include <ImageSearch.au3>

Hotkeyset("S", "Start")



Func Start()

$Search = _ImageSearch('Search.Bmp', 0, $X, $Y, 0)

if $search = 1 Then

mousemove($X, $Y, 10)



while 1



this is my simple script.. what im doing wrong ?

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refer to this post on another thread since you asked the same question twice:

sadly, you made this thread THEN started looking for help with the search feature. you are much closer to getting your script to work in the other thread.

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