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Can Autoit be used to connect to a vpn and map drives?

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First post so go steady with me :)

Im looking to understand what exactly AutoIT does and if its possible to use it to either create a script or exe which can connect to a vpn prompting for a username and password and then map drives just like the user was on the lan. The user logs in locally as a different account and so it will have to use the VPN auth method and store the username to map the relative home directory - any advice please?


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Hi, shabbaranks, welcome to the forum. The short answer to your two questions is yes, AutoIt can do that (it's rare that we say AutoIt can't do something). I would suggest using the forum search for VPN, which should give you some idea of what others have done in the past. It really depends on a lot of variables, such as the type of VPN (it is far different scripting a PPTP VPN vs. a Juniper SSL VPN).

Once you've looked at what others have done, try writing something out. If you get stuck, feel free to post back here (even if it doesn't work) and we'll be glad to help :)

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