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WinTitleMatchMode command

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Hi, using "WinTitleMatchMode" with "Notepad Window" the command do that i want.

It advises me if in the text

(NOT in the WinTITLE but in the screen opened from application)

is present the word that i'm searching

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

If WinExists ( "Test", "WORD" ) then

msgbox(0, "", "ok WORD Present in the Text")


Now I want use the same option to check my client mail, in order to move

focus directly on folder "Incoming mail" if the "text" on left panel is not

"Incoming mail"


"Incoming mail (1)"

"Incoming mail (2)"

where "(xy)" is number of mails arrived

If near "Incoming mail" there is no number it means that there isn't new mails therefore

if ....text present near "Incoming mail" is "(" ...... then

msgbox(0, "", "New mail present")

Unfortunately the good program of client mail that i'm using don't have option that

move focus to Incoming mail if there are new posts arrived.

I have already do some other strings command that improves program in other aspect

adding some other functions that program don't have,

but realize this option, i don't succeed using "WinTitleMatchMode" :-/

There is some possibility using script??

Have someone an idea to make this also using other AutoIT command ?


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No, Outlook don't run under my Win7 x64 and tested more than 10 different client mails

i have choosed FoxMail 5.0 also if there is new version 7.

This is very little, only 9 MByte and do almost all i'm looking for. (New version is more bigger tha 120 MB :-/ )

For 3-4 options that it don't have i have create a small script, but for this option i don't know how do.


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