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quick question.

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ok...i want to make a script that does multiple commands when a key is pressed. I want it so that if i press a key it will do this: Jump (space), attack (hold left click for the rest of the command), switch weapons (2), then it should still be holding the left click so it should shoot, then i want to switch back to weapon one (1). I think there is a way to make it so that if i press "t" it will do this but also walk forward and "g" to do the same then but walk backwards, "f" to go left and "h" to do it to the right. if that makes any sense at all...i am pretty good at scripting, but the If's are confusing me so basically i want it so that if t is pressed it will do: space, either hold a left click or do 1 now and one after pressing 2... Any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance

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A script that will wait for a certain key to be pressed and then do something:

; do the work when X is pressed
; refer to help file for how to define a different key
hotkeySet("x", "doSomething")

; do nothing (and not exit)
while (1)

func doSomething()

; definition of what to do goes in here, e.g.
; press keys, mouse down, mouse up etc.


Good luck!

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