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How intercept tc-pip incoming packets using Skipe

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Hi all,

I have gone through the web, but haven't found any utilty using Skipe4COm or whatever COm ,DLL, APP possible to

help for this issue.

I often use multiple calls (conference) , and pretty often the effort of a speaker is vanished by the environmental noise

produced by the others attendant to the call. I need to have a way to MUTE one or ALL the attendants.

I mean NOT to mute on their client side (I understand that is not possible and out of Skipe scope ...), but on MY side, on my client side, does exist a solution to MUTE one or more attendant and at the same time let them listen to the conference ?

I know I could HOLD the call, but that stops completly the conference with them ... rather then stopping their incoming audio ...

Take in consideration that some of the attendants are using real Phone , NOT a PC and are old people, so not so aware about using

tech stuff !

I would like something NOT intrusive, a sort of sw filter on my Skipe Client side...

None can help ?



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