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Accessing Office 2003 clipboard

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Hi forum:

Just like everyone else trying to control a MS product, I am having problem with automation of their non-standard menu items. I want to clear the office clipboard (Office 2003, Excel is running), but I can't seem to get a handle on the non-standard window "Clipboard"'s "Clear All" button. The clipboard is part of the Task Pane. I've got a VBA way of doing it, but that takes up a whole module since you have to (so I'm told) search through toolbar items to find the right one to activate (its designation can change). I am hoping to replace this with a simple, small amount of AutoIT code in the AutoIT exe I have running at the same time.

Of course "AutoIt Window Info" cannot recognize the "Clear All" button.

Any one been there, done that?



I'm, Lovin' IT, X

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I havent tried something like that. but i believe it can be made through COM/objects.USe the link in my sig and read about the object explorer inside MS Office 2003....It has valuable resources especially For MS products....

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