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Display current track from Spotify in Skype

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Did this one quickly and when I was done I got told Skype already had this, apparently I've completely missed it? anyway, someone might find it useful.

#include "include/Skype.au3"
$pid = ProcessExists('Spotify.exe')
If $pid == 0 Then
MsgBox(0, '', 'Spotify has to be running for this to work.')
Global $oldMood = _Skype_ProfileGetMoodText();
Global $currentSong = '';
Global $hwnd = WinGetHandle('[CLASS:SpotifyMainWindow]')
While 1
$song = StringTrimLeft(WinGetTitle($hwnd), 10)
if $song <> $currentSong and $song <> '' Then
_Skype_ProfileSetMoodText('(Spotify) ' & $song);
if $song == '' Then

How to use

Have Skype and Spotify running and it'll do the rest. It will change the mood text to the current track in Spotify whenever something is played there.

Skype Current Song.rar

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Cool simple script tho. You kinda cheat tho by getting the song via the title and not ripping into the gui to get it. But what every get the result. Good job.

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