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_Net_Share_ShareCheck Case Sensitive?

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I am having a hard time checking the existence of Printer shares.

It seems to me that the Printer name in _Net_Share_ShareCheck(Server,Printer) is case sensitive.

Can anyone think of a workaround for this? I was having Problems on and just upgraded to because it mentioned a fix to this UDF.

Here is a simple script so someone else can test this and see what I am talking about.

#Include <NetShare.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>

Dim $keepLooping = 1, $Input1 = "", $Input2 = ""
While $keepLooping = 1
     $Input1 = InputBox("Server","Enter Server Name",$Input1)
     If @error then ExitLoop
    $Input2 = InputBox("Printer","Enter Printer Name",$Input2)
    If @error then ExitLoop

    $Result = _Net_Share_ShareCheck($Input1, $Input2)

    If $Result = $STYPE_PRINTQ then
        MsgBox(0,"Info", "It is a print queue")
        MsgBox(0,"Booo", "It is not a print queue")

------ Edited by ZipleR

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