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AutoIT can't find Window?

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Hey guys, im making an auto installer and half way through the installation it just stops the installation even though the name of the window only changes a bit.

WinWait ( "Oracle Universal Installer: Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks")
WinActive ( "Oracle Universal Installer: Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks")
WinActivate ( "Oracle Universal Installer: Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks")
WinWait ( "Oracle Universal Installer: Summary")
WinActive ( "Oracle Universal Installer: Summary")
WinActivate ( "Oracle Universal Installer: Summary")

The window it wont "use" is the last one, summary. I change windows many times before that so i dont understand why it doesnt work, ive confirmed the name with the AutoIt info tool and its correct. Ive thought about using mouseclick, but im not sure if i should use that, because i might run this on computers that have different resolutions, which might cause issues?

Im not sure what to do or try.

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There might be multiple wnds with that title, you need to find the handle of the active window first, then use it even if the title changes.

Edit : oh and Welcome to the autoit forum !

$hWnd = WinGetHandle("[active]")

Br, FireFox.

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Try adding at the start of your script...

opt("wintitlematchmode", 2)

And then looking for just "oracle installer" or something like that........ The match mode of 2 tells winwait and winactivate to search for your parameter in the whole string of the title.

So if the title is "this is the greatest program" and you do a winactivate("greatest") it'll catch that title.

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