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ControlSetText problem

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Here's what I am trying to do, first. I am looking to use AutoIT to automate putting a filename (which will eventually change regularly, but that's later) into a Windows form. The textbox for the path does not have a hotkey option. I have been able to use the Active Window Info to get the ControlID.

Now the problem. Below, is the line in the script I am using:

ControlSetText ( "Data Sender" , $RT6 , 6 , "c:\data\files\dms01001" )

$RT6 is from a ControlGetText command, just in case there's somehow something in the text box.

If I just use the ControlSetText, nothing appears in the text box. BUT if I use the ControlSetText, and follow it up with a ControlGetText and a MsgBox, once I get the MsgBox, the text is in the text box??

Am I doing something boneheaded here? I do not want for the button that will actually start the process of sending to be pushed automaticly, on the off chance I grab an incorrect filename.

Any help would be appreciated!

Jason A.

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