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Pasting text from a typed command

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

I am looking to create a simple app which will contain a list of text strings which a user can add themselves. I want the app to be able to contain a list of user created macros, where the contents of each macro has a typed command associated, e.g.:

User types this into any text field in any other app:


- The text string associated with ".hi" is pasted into the field (or automatically typed out, I don't know what's best)

I also want the app to have the possibility of having another section of text strings/paragraphs (say, a list of templates for e-mails) where if doubleclicked in the list, they will simply copy the contents to the clipboard.

I've attempted these things in the past, but got stuck/sidetracked with the GUI creation.

Would anyone be so kind as to tell me where to begin, or show me an example code, if it exists?

Much appreciated.

Edit: To add, I want users to be able to add custom typed macros using the GUI - the app itself would not have any content to begin with, the users would fill it up with their own stuff.

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You can save your macros in an ini file then a key (macro) will correspond to its value (text)

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