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Automating a custom application

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I'm new to AutoIt, but not new to automation, although I've been only working with Web pages (Java and Selenium).

I'm not sure how to go about selecting any kind of item in the application I want to interact with.

Let's say The Window Info tool gives me this (it's a button on a toolbar):

>>>> Window <<<<
Title: Program - Home
Class: TfrmCentral
Position: 0, 0
Size: 1268, 768
Style: 0x16CF0000
ExStyle: 0x00050100
Handle: 0x00311762

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: TRzBMToolbarButton
Instance: 5
ClassnameNN: TRzBMToolbarButton5
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:TRzBMToolbarButton; INSTANCE:5]
ID: 1051362
Text: Repositories
Position: 5, 144
Size: 69, 68
ControlClick Coords: 40, 43
Style: 0x54010000
ExStyle: 0x00000000
Handle: 0x00100AE2

I've tried:

$handler= WinGetHandle("Program - Home");
;The 2 lines above work and the application is activated on the screen




;didn't work


$item=_WinAPI_GetDlgItem($handler, 0x00100AE2);and with 1051362
;didn't work

Any pointer would be great.

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You, sir..

are great! :)

Can I also get the window name when I have certain class name known? (then I'll stop asking these naive questions and only bother you people when I really can't find any documentation about something)

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Someone who is more knowledgeable than I may wander along and correct me, but I believe you have to include the window title in order for ControlSend to work properly, which would mean knowing the window name. If part of the window title will differ (e.g. Notepad - 123 or Notepad - 456), you can look at WinTitleMatchMode.

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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I've solved that issue with just selecting the class name provided by Window Info for the main window of the application.

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