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seargent master

is the number odd or even

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seargent master

:whistle: i dont know how this can be helpful but..... here it is

#include <math.au3>
$I_Var = InputBox('Odd or Even', 'Enter a number:')
$I_Result = _MathCheckDiv($I_Var, 2)
If $I_Result = -1 Or @error = 1 Then
   MsgBox(0,'','You did not enter a valid number')
ElseIf $I_Result = 1 Then
   MsgBox(0,'','Number is odd')
ElseIf $I_Result = 2 Then
   MsgBox(0,'','Number is even')
   MsgBox(0,'','Could not parse $I_Result')


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try to make it into a func :whistle:

IIRC it has been done before. but dont let that ruin you fun.

i made this a long time ago also:

Func _IsEven($i_Check)
    If StringIsDigit($i_Check) Then $i_Check = Number($i_Check)
    If Not IsNumber($i_Check) Then
        Return -1
    If Not IsInt($i_Check) Then Return 0
    If IsInt($i_Check / 2) Then Return 1
    Return 0
EndFunc;==> _IsEven()

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;Without any error checking whatsoever

Func _IsEven($n)

  Return Not Mod($n, 2)



:-) And...

Func Even($n)

Return Not BitAnd($n, 1)


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