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bot help graphic recognition ideas

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Ok so I'm looking to write a auto aim program for a game. The problem is that it is a console game so I can't manipulate the game image files to say add a red dot to a graphic for the crosshair to aim at. It mainly gona b a part player controlled part PC controlled via connection to PC video input. First obstacle to over come is graphic recognition. I was thinking almost like a fingerprint recognition where I would setup specific pixel reference points like and if statements. But BC the object may b constantly in motion. Is there a way to recognize like a specific file saved image which will most definitely be different sizes to simulate different depths.

I understand this is gona b very work intensive and I'm willing to put in the work. I'm just looking for ideas to point me in the right direction. Preferably would b an idea as to how to interpret the way the PC interprets the video input is one avenue or a way to add a graphic over a streaming incoming video. Any ideas would be great. I know this would b a real challenge for a veteran here. Or it maybe something that been done an solved a long time ago

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