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Really simple question

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I know this is a really really simple question, but I searched through the AutoIT help file and through the forums, but I couldn't find the exact answer. Okay, what is the wild card for a user's profile. An example of this would be like in batch scripting, the current person's profile that is logged in is stated as %username%, and in the AutoIT help file, it had @UserName as the current user's profile, but whenever I ran that in a script such in a line like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\@UserName\...\...\

It would always create a new profile under Documents and Setting called @UserName. So that is my question. What is the variable or whatnot that is used to put something in the current user's profile. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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from help file: @UserProfileDir - Path to current user's Profile folder.



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Hey Kurt, Thanks for the reply. Okay, I ran that @UserProfileDir in the following statement and it just created a new folder under Documents and Settings titled @UserProfileDir:

Here is the line of code:

DirCreate("C:\Documents and Settings\@UserProfileDir\Desktop\test")


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Try this...

DirCreate(@UserProfileDir & "\Desktop\test")

The macros that have to do with directories have the full path already. No need to add it yourself.

Now using your first example you could do the following (untested).

DirCreate("C:\Documents and Settings\" & @UserName & "\Desktop\test")

If you notice: The way to concactenate (add) macro's and or variables to a string you use the & symbol.

I hope this helps some,


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