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UDF _HexLen


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i thougth this could be usefull for someone

Func _HexLen($Number)
    If Not IsNumber($Number) Then
        Return 0
    ElseIf $Number = 0 Then
        Return 1
        If $Number < 0 Then $Number = $Number * -1
        Return Int(Log($Number)/Log(16))+1


$aNumber = Random(1, 1000);you dont know the value of $aNumber and so you dont know the second parameter for the Hex-function
$Hex = Hex($aNumber, _HexLen($aNumber))
MsgBox(0, "Example for " & $aNumber, $Hex)

you can modify this with replacing the 16 in line 9 with a 2 for calculating the length of a binary number (just for example)


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