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Autoit WIndow Info Question

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I am having difficulty identifying the Control ID of certain buttons on a certain poker site with the Autoit WIndow Info Program. At different times there are different buttons in the same location in the window. There are pre-select options at certain times and realtime options at others. When I use the Window Info program, no matter which buttons are showing it always ID's the preselect buttons. I have attached two screens as JPEGS. Screen 1 displays the buttons that the WIndow Info Program Identifies. Screen 2 displays the buttons I want Identified that the WIndow Info program is not identifying. (I hope I am explaining this clearly ) I know its identifying the wrong buttons because my script is not functioning as I would prefer. Its interacting with the buttons seen in Screen 1, but not with the ones in screen 2.

How do I identify the buttons on Screen 2?

Any Ideas?



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